Little brother love.

Happy Friday! Here is a little more newborn love for you all today! I know this little man is going to be very loved by his wonderful Christ-filled parents and his sweet and precious big brother and sister! I had so much fun swaddling and sushing this little bub into a deep baby-love sleep. I just love how we wrap newborns up all the time.  Don't you? The babes love it. We big humans love it....for many reasons. Haha. But I think there could be more to the story. Isn't this really the perfect illustration of how much of a gift they really are? These babes. And maybe that's why God made babies to love being swaddled? Maybe He wants us to keep wrapping and unwrapping this gift of the babe over and over again.  And maybe it's even bigger than that? Maybe he wants us to zoom out even further and look at our lives as a whole. Don't we keep unwrapping and finding and seeing and opening our eyes to a million new gifts every day? {your child's smile, that rainbow that showed up last night, your husband giving you "that look", your dog laying down at your feet at just the right time, that perfectly painted sunset, the smile from the cashier......there are a million more} And if we don't see these gifts.....maybe it's not because they aren't there. Maybe we just didn't see the gifts quite as profound as we could have?

Maybe you never thought of wrapping or swaddling your baby as representing anything more than just getting them to settle down and quiet and sleep.  But maybe there's more to the wrapping of a baby and the unwrapping of the gifts of life than what we can ever fully know.......

"And this will be a sign to will find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes....." - Luke 2:12

Enjoy these precious photos! DSC_3693 DSC_3736DSC_3367 DSC_3376 DSC_3608 DSC_3452 DSC_3707


p.s. A HUGE shout out to my awesome neighbor Jeanie who provided the bowl for the shoot and the idea of the birch tee pee! Thanks Jeanie!