Fargo Family Photography | Frostlie | Shannon Heick Photographer

Happy Monday, friends! I had a wonderful evening out with this family a few weekends ago. What amazing light we had! I 'm having so much fun photographing all your families this year! I really loved every inch of this shoot. While this whole family is just so dang sweet and adorable on their own, I can't say it hurts to add a well-behaved GoldenDoodle to the mix. How sweet is this doodle-girl?! I have to say, I am a bit biased on the GoldenDoodle love, but seriously, I'm thinking this crew could be in a magazine spread!  

Update: I do have one session opening  for this weekend on Sunday afternoon/early evening at a glorious farm setting. Please send me a message at shannonjoy06@hotmail.com to snag that spot. Bring your family and be ready to snuggle and have fun and just BE. I will do the rest. :)

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