Generation Family Photos | Geneva is 90 | Shannon Heick Photographer

When my super fun neighbor asked me to do generation and family photos at her sweet great-Grandma's 90th Birthday celebration, I knew I had to say yes! It's quite a feat to make it to 90 (HELLO!), and I'm all about capturing awesome stuff! I had such a fun couple of hours spending time with Geneva and her lovely family! Wow! What a blessing I can see Geneva is to all these beautiful people whom she has no doubt has helped to shape and guide. When I look at this photo of her, surrounded with her great-grandchildren, I see, in a her eyes, a real deep sense of satisfaction with what she has accomplished over these many years. I imagine Geneva has kept a real open life and heart. A life that speaks through the gifts of love, hospitality and a generous spirit. I can see evidence of all those things in the traits of her children and grandchildren in just the brief moments I spent with them. It was quite an honor to capture these moments of smiles and laughter in honor of this lovely women. DSC_7467  



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