Fargo Family Photography | Haugen | Shannon Heick Photographer

Oh my lanta! I just have to share a bunch of this session with you! I just love these guys. They are such a fun family and Julie and I go way back!  I love that they asked me to take photos of them in the doorway of their new home with their parents who moved next door. That is even cooler!  I was all over that idea! So fun! And look at these big brown eyes! How can you not love this?  At the end, Henry and I did a private photo shoot for his dinosaur pal. His headshot turned out really awesome.  (It was kind of easy because he didn't move-hee hee). Well, take a peek at my work and enjoy! And happy Fall Break to my local friends who have school off the rest of the week. Yahoo! DSC_2416 DSC_2415 DSC_2412 DSC_2430 DSC_2462 DSC_2833 DSC_2753 DSC_2509 DSC_2535 DSC_2783 DSC_2795 DSC_2253 DSC_2297 DSC_2338 DSC_2969 DSC_2982 DSC_3043 DSC_2882 DSC_2928 DSC_3094 DSC_3080