Fargo Family Photography | Giese | Shannon Heick Photographer

So.much.fun doing these recent farm sessions! A huge thanks to J&J for letting us use their beautiful farmstead! I love you guys! Back to the shoot...this family was just so adorable and chill and kind! We had such a laid back and fun time. We even had a few kitties photo bomb our shoot! You know what they say about that right? I've got 99 problems son, but a kitty in my photo shoot ain't one. HAHAAAAAAAAA! Enjoy these sweet photos! Thank you to the Giese family for asking me to photograph your family and tell this wonderful little story! I still have a few openings for September and I may do another set of farm-themed photos if there is interest. Shoot me a message here on the contact page or on FB if you want to chat! dsc_7592 dsc_7627 dsc_7632 dsc_7645 dsc_7636 dsc_7670 dsc_7664 dsc_7695 dsc_7875 dsc_7905 dsc_7902 dsc_7912 dsc_7941 dsc_7956 dsc_8071 dsc_8125 dsc_8251 dsc_8282 dsc_8287 dsc_8354 dsc_8368 dsc_8371 dsc_8385 dsc_8465 dsc_8466 dsc_8469 dsc_8475 dsc_8482