Flying to Maui

Flying to Maui

We had to break the news to him gently. We were off to the tropical heaven-like wonder of Maui and he was in fact, not. To ease the blow, I decided to throw him a little Hawaiian luau before we left. img_2804 As you can see, Maverick, our beloved GoldenDoodle was less than impressed with me and my party. Can't win 'em all I guess!

After we celebrated with the less than enthusiastic GoldenDoodle, we dropped him off with our new friend Than, who runs a non-profit called Unseen.  Maverick got to be the office dog for a week! And I hear Maverick's job description included lying around and snoring and stealing old food out of the little desk garbages. Sounds like he was right at home. :)  Are you wondering what Unseen is? Oh, I 'm glad you asked. It's nothing really, they just do your basic fighting HUMAN TRAFFICKING and all. No biggie!!!! I am totally kidding. It might be the most important thing you read about today!  I did say human trafficking. As in modern day slavery. These guys are like super stealthy agents of freedom. This stuff happens all over the world and even in our own backyard here in our great state.  Seriously, go to their website and check them out and make a donation if you can.  The mission and the work the people are amazing! And the t-shirts are the worlds most comfortable.  Derrick and I  wore our matching Unseen shirts on our flights! ;) While I had hoped to get a photo and tag on social media, it didn't pan out.  Apparently taking three kids through multiple airports requires you to be a little more on your parenting game and less on your Instagram game.  So there's that.

So we kissed Maverick goodbye and headed down to the cities to bunk in with my aunt and uncle for the night before our flight. A huge thanks to my Uncle Sid for taking us to the airport at ungodly hours in the morning! The flight was at 7am. Which means, be at the airport at 5am. Which means wake up at 3:45.  We went to bed close to midnight. And this is what Chase looks like with 4 hours of sleep on his very first plane ride. :Dimg_2816

Here we go, flying up over the beautiful state of Minnesota!


As we walked off our first flight from MSP to Phoenix, I stopped and thanked the Captain for a wonderful and smooth ride. I told him that it was our boys first time flying and they had a blast! He dropped his stuff and said, "Well Mom, let's get them up here for a picture!" I was carrying a Nikon, an iPhone and a GoPro so I had no problem following the captains orders. :)


The crew was all smiles after talking to this nut for a while.


We stopped in Phoenix just long enough to trip a few people on the walking escalators, grab some McDonalds and load up once again for the big journey across the great Pacific.

After several hours of snacking and Minecrafting, Chase busted out the old eye pillow and took himself a little nap.


And what kind of mother would I be if I didn't take selfies of us while he was unconscious? I don't always know what to do when it comes to parenting.....but when I know, I know. img_2873



Here we are doing a little fly by of the Big Island. This sight gets you pretty excited after you have seen nothing but oceans and clouds for hours.


And then we get a glimpse of those stunning west Maui mountains and we are starting to drool and press our faces against the window a little harder.



We are almost there!!!

img_2907Coming' in hot.



Once we touched down and realized that we survived this long day, we headed out to grab our rental car and hit the island in style. Our rental car was a hipster Town and Country Minivan. Silver.  Just like at home. We hopped in and took the boys to the first logical place any hipster parents in a Town and Country minivan would go. Costco of course!  The boys were not impressed with us until they realized that they could try to run around the store making toilet paper forts like their heroes on Youtube do. So, we loaded up the van with all the essentials for a week. You know, mixed veggies, bags of salad, eggs, nuggets and pizza rolls and maui chocolate of course. Basically, we ate the same meals in Maui that we eat at home. And we drove the same van. Because we slay #basic.

img_2937Okay, so after one more quickie stop at Walmart for a booster seat we were officially off on our adventure to our resort. It was so beautiful to wind around the coast and remember all the sights from 10 years ago. The traffic was quite a bit more than we remembered, but there one doesn't even think of complaining when you are surrounded by rainbows and mountains and ocean waves.  The rainbows in this place are just out of control. They just never stop. All over the place.


We followed this rainbow to its end and wouldn't you know it brought us right to our resort on Kaanapali Shores! :)   The boys were pretty mind blown by the pools and the lights! img_2938

After a quick stop at the beach, we finally headed up to our room and passed out in our comfy beds. I think the kids fell asleep at about 11 maui time. We woke up at 3:45 to them all awake and jumping on their bed! Someone find me a tranquilizer for them!!! Ha!  It was 8am back home so they were ready to roll. I was so delirious at this time that I am pretty sure that I tossed them their kindles (since I was fresh out of child tranquilizers) and went back to bed.  A few hours later, at 5am, I woke up and the only thing on my mind was coffee. So I filled up my mug and headed out to sit on the lanai. Coffee and Maui. <3

Hello, Maui.



Well, this about covers our first day on Maui. I will be back to share more adventures and photos real soon. Stay tuned. Aloha!


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