Christmas & Hygee

Christmas & Hygee

I recently read an article about the Danish and their long, hard winters. You can find the article HERE. It's pretty neat. In short, the sun doesn't come up until 9:40 and goes down at 3:30.  Sometimes, it is "a hard slog" as the article suggests. The Danish have a secret though. It's called Hygge. According to MaryGrace Taylor,  Hygge is........."more of a feeling than a word. It’s sort of a full-on embrace of all things toasty, cozy, and restorative. Like that warm wave that washes over you when you ease into a hot bubble bath. Or that feeling that everything is right in the world when you hang out with your favorite people by the fireplace with mugsof hot cider (or bourbon)."

After reading the article, I know I totally love the spirit of Hygge!

Christmas shares some commonalities with Hygge. But still, the spirit of Christmas is different. The spirit of Christmas is not a mindset. It is not a choice. It does not depend on us. We depend on it.

The spirit of Christmas is fully alive.

Our ability to love one another and be in relationship with one another  is a gift born out of the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is the birth of the one thing that bore all things.

Christmas is the bright, joyful light that was given to fill the empty hole in the soul.

Christmas is the gift of The One who gives us the key to heaven, our true and forever home.

Noel, Noel. The story of amazing love. The light of the world. Given for us. Noel.

Rejoice, rejoice. Emmanuel.

Your love has come

Here to dwell.

All they works with joy surround Thee, earth and heaven reflect thy rays.

Field and forest call us to rejoice in thee.

What a joy awakening!

Celebrate the Savior.

Hygee is helpful. But, Christmas is the forever joy snuggle we all long for.

Humbly you came.

Light of the word, Here to save.

Christmas is the final hope.

 Christmas is what brought the joy that we experience so deeply together under those twinkly lights.


Merry Christmas!


Flying to Maui

Flying to Maui